Zvex Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Here’s another piece of hardware to help you go back in time. Zvex makes some of the best effect pedals. Besides being built out of metal and hand painted many have rare tubes and unique electronics inside them. Their Instant Lo-Fi Junky uses a Belling Bucked Brigade and National Semiconductor op-amps to create a warbling, broken turntable, compression chorus effect. $219.00 for the Vexter screen printed panel version and about $350 for a hand painted version. Needless to say I’ll be getting one soon. If there are any effect pedals that do something similar please let me know.

“The ILJ was designed to produce the sounds and textures of our Lo-Fi Loop Junky in real time, but it does so much more. It features a compressor, filtering(lo-fi), luscious chorus settings unlike anything we’ve heard, vibrato, and a mini toggle switch to change the waveform(sine, triangle, square pulse) of the chorus and vibrato.” – zvex.com

For more info: zvex.com/ILF.html

ZVEX Effects prototype pedal stolen at NAMM.


Zvex makes some really interesting effect pedals. Just take a look at the crazy looking gems on their website: zvex.com/effects.html Apparently someone stole one of their new prototypes at NAMM. Help them out if you know anything ok? There is a reward too…

“A one-of-a-kind Distortron was stolen Friday, January 16th, 2009 from my NAMM booth. It’s very unique, the only one loose now in the US market. Whoever helps me catch and successfully prosecute the gutless perp that stole this from my booth will be rewarded with 6 pedals of any type from my line. Easy to catch this thief… this is the only pedal of its type in America today. Real production units will be shipping in April, and they will have a large white ZVEX mark on the back edge of the pedal (visible from the audience side.) The stolen prototype has no mark on the back edge of the pedal, and no serial number underneath… just a bare maroon plate. Please help me catch the soulless, cowardly, worthless piece of sh*t who stole this from my booth. The actual color of this pedal is a darker maroon, not the bright red represented here.” – zachary vex

A discussion is going on over at Harmony-Central about the robbery: click here