Yamaha TNR-i

I’ve been a super fan of the Yamaha Tenori-On since I first laid my eyes on one. In fact, I went to its launch party in Berlin. You can see my photos from that event: here. When the iPad came out I new there would be Tenori like apps. What most people don’t realize is how deep the Tenori software is and so most of the clones were fun but didn’t take you as far as the original. Peter over at CDM has a post today about the Yamaha TNR-i and yes it’s the official Tenori app for the iPad! Honestly a huge part of the Tenori-On’s appeal is the hardware. Those white touchable LEDs are so quite futuristic fantastic. I’m sure I will enjoy the iPad app but I still want the original.

“On the road from futuristic instrumental concept to real-world product, the Yamaha Tenori-On as shipped lacked some of the functionality its creator, gifted media artist Toshio Iwai, originally imagined. Notably, wireless networking, which promised social music-making with other devices, was gone, replaced with a more-limited MIDI connector. Now, in a surprisingly literal translation from the hardware to iPad, it appears the Tenori-On has added that feature – but lost some of its charm.” – Peter Kirn

For more info: createdigitalmusic.com/lost-in-translation…