Circuit Bent Battle

Yamaha QY10 - Circuit Bent

Here’s two great circuit bending videos. Which one makes you happier? The first video is of a bent Yamaha QY10. It’s from stylinghead (Jesse) and this one can be your very own for $250. I really like the black panel with paint splatter on it. It’s like some sort of sound galaxy thing going on. This is one of the more noisy bends I’ve seen and I could see putting this on the table at some party around 6:00AM.

“This video shows some of the noisy things it can do. It also gets tight and ticky, warm and weird and everything in between.” – stylinghead

Next up we have a Talking Cash Register from Michael Una. This unit seems to be a nice fit if your making minimal or Kraftwerk (Amazon link) style material. I love a speech synthesizers and cash so I’m happy.

“A brief demo of the sonic capabilities of a circuit-bent Talking Cash Register. Looped 4x in Ableton Live, with Broken Drum Machine bangin’ away in the background.” – Michael Una

Talking cash register from Michael Una on Vimeo.

So which bent box would you take home? For more bending action keep an eye on the always great GetLoFi blog:

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