SSL X-Patch

Sonic State has a great video review of the new SSL X-Patch. I’m seriously considering getting one of these. Like most musicians who have been making tunes for 20+ years I have countless little hardware effect boxes and pedals hanging around. Most of them are gathering dust. It’s not that I don’t love each toy it’s more that it’s a royal pain to wire it as an effect for just one synth, mic or drum machine just one time. This is why the X-Patch is a great idea. For example my Boss RE-20 Space Echo pedal could be wired to effect my Vermona DRM-1 or Roland SH3 with click instead of 20 minutes of wiring.

“X-Patch is designed to deliver the flexibility of plug-in style routing to boutique analogue processing. Developed from technology at the heart of SSL’s acclaimed Matrix console, X-Patch provides a 16×16 SuperAnalogue™ routing matrix that can be Ethernet controlled remotely from a standard computer. SSL’s Logictivity™ Remote Studio Browser application provides Set-up, Configuration and Preset Storage and makes the X-Patch the perfect tool to incorporate analogue processing into any production studio environment. X-Patch can function as a simple ‘X-Y Router’ or as a ‘Matrix’ to create complex processing chains. This allows for analogue processing to be built into favourite processing chains and then easily placed into signal paths, for example, favourite Mic Pre, EQ & Dynamics processors recalled as the perfect vocal chain at a single stroke.” –

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