Use rubberbands as cable ties.

Rubber Band Cable Ties

This post is dedicated to my father. For years my brother and I made fun of him because he always had large amounts of rubber bands on the gear shifter of the cars he owned. His reason for doing this was “In case he needed one”. Well dear father revenge is yours because for the past 5 years I have been addicted to rubber bands. If you are a performing musical artist with any electronic gear you bring to your live shows you should be addicted too!

Being an actual live performer with vocals in the techno scene means you have to show up at an event with every cable you need. About half the time there won’t be a sound man in sight. Also be prepared… very prepared to do set up in total darkness with people on drugs screaming things into your ear (in a foreign language) and music blaring at about 180 decibels.

As you can see in the photo above it a simple process and after a few months the cables start to keep their rubber banded form. Continue reading Use rubberbands as cable ties.