It’s not everyday a plug-in comes along and gets me excited but Whoosh from Melted Sounds fits the bill. This new plug-in takes a sounds and flings them across your ears. If you watch the video above you can see it’s feature rich. I really want to add my own sounds to this but that’s not quite available yet. Adding your own samples will be added in a future update. You will need the full version of Reaktor to use Whoosh. $79 USD.

“Whoosh is a true sound design instrument and enables you to create breath taking whoosh and pass-by effects. It is possible to precisely design sounds varying from whistling wind whooshes to air ripping engine pass-bys or completely over the top granular sci-fi effects. The included doppler effects engine was designed from ground up to physical model the acoustic phenomena of an object that approaches, passes, and recedes from an observer. The individual playback engines, the source mixer and doppler engine can be manipulated in synchronized connection to each other. This makes it possible to playback the desired sound effect at different durations while remaining everything in perfect sync.” – meltedsounds.com

For more info: meltedsounds.com

via Richard Devine