The title of this blog is cropped in Internet Explorer.

I did a bad thing and I apologize. What did I do? I designed this blog without ever checking it in Internet Explorer. I use a Safari and Firefox on a Mac. The thing is even though I’m not a professional web designer I know better. It must have just slipped my mind.

I discovered that everything on the site looks fine in IE expect the lower half of the title “Wire to the Ear” is cut off. I know it’s not really a big deal right? Content is king anyway right? I was in Amsterdam performing yesterday at “Ground Zero” (bad name) and although I was happy they put me in the Sheraton Hotel; to get 24 hours of paid internet in the room would have been 19€. Instead I just used the lobby’s Microsoft Center which was free but the OS was locked down and I didn’t have the choice of Firefox. As it turns out that was a good thing because it let me see the error.

That got me thinking about what browser’s people are using to view this site so I checked my Google Analytics. I was surprised that only about 20% of you are using IE. You can see the rundown of all the browser percents in the little screenshot.

I’ve been planning to install Parallels, Vista and MS Office on my Macbook Pro and this is another good reason to do it. For those IE users please be patient as I think it will take me a few weeks before I actually get around to installing the MS stuff and fixing the title. A good website to know about which I just discovered today is IE NetRenderer which will render any site in IE and display a screenshot: