Regular readers of Wire to the Ear know I have a “day job” in the energy business. I am a partner at ENVEN Energy Services. ENVEN is what NY calls an ESCO (Energy Services Company). We have a contract with a California based company Willdan and Con Edison (the main utility company in New York) to help them reduce the energy usage of their small commercial customers. We have an exclusive territory containing about 50 zip codes and stringent monthly goals. It’s a great program for customers because ConEd helps pay for the cost to go green. As Director of Operations I am involved in every aspect of the company from billing all the way down to training the salespersons.

Today you will see a new banner on the right side of this blog. In some US States energy has been “deregulated”. In the simplest terms it means there is competition. You can choose who you buy your energy from. I don’t ask much from Wire to the Ear readers. Have I ever asked you for anything? Here is my request: Buy green energy. Buy energy from a local wind farm. You will save money off your electric bill and help the environment. If you live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania or Maryland please follow the link and switch your energy supplier to Viridian:

The utility still provides delivery and service, and still sends the bill like they always have. Same reliability, better rates and better for the environment. No long term contract so there is no real risk. If you want to let me know you switched I will personally thank you. If you have any questions let me know.

“Viridian Energy provides greener electricity at an affordable price, allowing our customers and independent Associates to make a difference in the environment and their personal lives simply by switching energy providers. We are proud to stand out among competitors who charge a significant premium for green electricity. We understand that you may not be able to pay more but still want to do your part. We take a lower profit in order to deliver a higher quality product, offering the best of both worlds – greener electricity and affordable prices.” – Viridian

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