Metasonix KV-100 Assblaster

Metasonix KV-100

Would you pay $900 for a yellow box called “Assblaster” with a “disgusting and juvenile cartoon art by Dave Lovelace” on it? When it sounds as great as the video below you would. Right? Take a look as some of the specs:

“5 real new-old-stock VACUUM TUBES, The basic preamp stage of the Metasonix TM-7 Scrotum Smasher, driving the waveshaping (pulser) and ring modulation functions of the TM-1 (minus the ring-modulator carrier oscillator), which then drives a VCO derived from the Metasonix TM-3. (the oscillator is NOT intended for use as a synthesizer pitch source, only as a special effect for signal degradation), leading to: All new wide-sweeping bandpass filter, with envelope filter function plus wah capability (external pedal). Envelope follower, which also makes a gate signal. Noise gate on the output, which is always active and is driven by said gate signal. Relay-based, true bypass for the main circuit. Relay-controlled activation of the VCO and pulser. Controllable with manual switches or external Fender-type amp footswitches. Plenty of processing inputs and outputs for control voltages.” – Big City Music

Your really not going to get a sound like this from plug-ins. You can get the “idea” using Izotope Trash and say TC Electronic’s Filtroid together but honestly it’s not going to make your neighbor’s pitbull run and hide like the KV-100 can.

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