Music Toys found in The Bronx

A few weeks ago The New York Times had an article on The Bronx neighborhood Kingsbridge. Sometimes I ride my bike through Kingsbridge on my way to Inwood Park. Recently I stopped in the thrift store the article mentioned and played with some old music toys. If you can’t see the flash slideshow above: click here

“3 P.M. Dive in at Unique Thrift Store, 218 West 234th Street, (718) 548-1190. Forget the secondhand shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn, where hipsters and bargain hunters have already snapped up the good stuff. Here you can take your time combing through the Hawaiian shirts, vintage blouses and snow parkas. Recently spotted gems include a corduroy suit for $9.99, a giant feather-bedecked floppy hat, and a book about high-stakes gambling called “The Man With the $100,000 Breasts.” – The New York Times

For more info: New Life, but Still a Small-Town Feel

Vintage toy keyboard shopping in San Francisco.

I was in San Francisco for a friends wedding yesterday. Walking around the city with a bunch of females means we had to stop in every Good Will store for some reason. After I few minutes I quickly realized there was stuff for me to play with too!

First, I discovered the old boombox’s. There was a Panasonic very similar the to the one I had in College. Then I discovered two old toy keyboards. Both were in great cosmetic shaped and worked perfectly. They had batteries in them so I was able to jam out a bit.

The Casio SA-10 had a nice “Super Accompaniments” feature that lets you switch the drum presets with your left hand while playing sounds with your right. They wanted $9.49 for the SA-10 and after considering it’s small size would allow it to fit in my carry on luggage I came very close to buying it.

The other keyboard called the “Techno-Beat Electronic Keyboard” has full size keys and was decked out it awesome bright blue and red plastic. It had five drum “pads” on it. I love the way this thing looks. I made my friend Leslie pose with the thing. I realized there must be people who collect these things. Then I realized I want to be one of them! The Techno-Beat was $14.99.

By some stoke of luck we got a phone call from my brother yelling at us because we were late to meet them so we had to run out of there empty handed. I have fond memories of a Casio MT-40 I owned a child. I think I want to leave it at that. These toy keyboards are fun to play with but I don’t need a pile of junk in the studio. Am I wrong? Should I have bought these 80s wonders?