Ableton Live controlled by Keymote


Some days when I get home from working in Manhattan I am completely exhausted. I love keeping up with the world using Google Reader. Sometimes I don’t even have the energy to sit upright and hit the keyboard shortcut “J” in Reader to go to the next story. I started thinking that if there was an iPhone app that let me have a remote Mac keyboard I could increase the font size on my screen, sit back and remotely hit “J”. To my delight I found such an application and it’s called Keymote (iTunes link). I set it up and now can half sleep half browse from a far in a comfy chair. You can see my set up for Google Reader in the screenshot above left.

I woke up this morning and the very first thought out of my head was: Whoa I can control anything with Keymote. Ableton Live! Yes it works just fine. Keymote doesn’t have nifty things like sliders but it’s certainly useful. There are Ableton specific iPhone controllers too. Check out TouchOSC: click here

“Tired of keyboard shortcuts? Is Command+Shift+Option+J really more efficient than tapping a single button? With Keymote, you’ll never have to remember another shortcut again! Keymote creates single buttons out of complicated shortcuts and groups them by application, speeding up your productivity and boosting your workflow. Keymote acts as a universal remote for your Mac. Easily control Front Row from across the room, refresh your Twitter stream wirelessly, or play a song from iTunes without even touching your computer, the possibilities are endless.” –

Keymote is $3.99. For screencasts and more:

TouchOSC, Ableton Live and a Question.

TouchOSC / Ableton Live from max Min on Vimeo.

Now that I am living in New York again I decided to go from a two person live show to a solo act. However, if I perform alone how can I still walk away from the computer and approach the audience? For one thing, I will put the table close to the edge of the stage and have the laptop facing sideways so I will be standing on the side of the table, not behind it. Yet I still want to be able to walk around, even into the crowd.

I just bought an iPhone this week so I’ve been searching for a way to control Ableton Live with it. Since I haven’t been following iPhone apps very closely I’m throwing the question to all Wire to the Ear readers: What’s the best way to do this?

Am I correct that TouchOSC needs a Wifi network to work? That would take it off the table as an option. Few clubs I play have a solid WiFi network running. Or could I somehow serve/tether my own mini network up? Or would that require an international data plan?

Thanks for any advice. I’ll be searching for answers and reporting back to here too.

More info about TouchOSC: