Tomas Tulpe – Hatschi!

Earlier this year I did a remix for German artist Tomas Tulpe. He’s an interesting person and I am pleased my remix of Ich Tanz auf Dich appears on his brand new album Hatschi! (scroll the audio player down to get to an audio clip). You can read a very thorough review of the release at Reflections of Darkness (link). I hope to meet Thomas in person during my upcoming Berlin week.

“…The final of the album is the HORRORIST remix of ‘Ich tanz auf dich’. This version of the song is faster, alienated and put into a technoid electronic format perfectly fitting to the dance halls. This one surely will become a collector’s item, not many will love it, but if you do, then you’ll love it a lot! And so, one of the trashiest albums ever found the way into my ears was ending. My reactions reached from rhapsodic excitement to tired yawning and moaning while listening to ‘Hatschi!’ over and over again. Except of ‘Ich bin ein Grufi’ all songs could be heard through internet here and there already. ‘Ich tanz auf dich’ and ‘Disco’ will be stuck in the ears of the people who ever heard it forever. My conclusion: Buy the album if you like experimenting. It is worth it! But don’t be miffed if it does not flow from beginning to the and. And first of all, don’t take this album serious!” –

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