TDK Three Speaker Boombox

In high school I had a massive Conion boombox. To see a photo of it: click here. It had dual cassette decks, phono inputs and an alarm. I miss people brazenly blasting their sound out to the world. We really don’t scare old people as much as we should these days. This is why I welcome with two wide arms open the smashing new TDK Three Speaker Boombox. It’s very large, has an OLED display, woven carbon fiber speakers (no need for protective grills), USB, 1/4 inch, RCA and minijack inputs. I want one to plug my iPad into and annoy everyone with my music apps. I wouldn’t mind walking through my local mall blasting Nitzer Ebb’s Let Beauty Loose through it. I guess I’d be arrested. How times change.

“But the real show-stopper of TDK’s boombox is the design, which strikes a balance between retro hi-fi, ’80s nostalgia, and a Syd Mead-like futuristic look. We’ve seen the retro, machined knob hi-fi look done before on systems like the Soundfreaq Sound Platform, but the materials were all plastic. We’ve seen ’80’s boombox nostalgia nailed with the Lasonic i931, but again, the materials were plastic and the sonics were awful. Even the whole daring futuristic speaker design has been trudged out before by companies like Altec Lansing and Harman Kardon–but I’m telling you, the TDK box has them beat.” –

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