How Music Travels

Click image to open interactive version (via Thomson Holidays).

Mark from Distilled sent me the above interactive graphic. The map doesn’t get into sub-genres. You can head over to the Thomson Travel site to see where the info is sourced from. I like it… Imagine the same thing with sub-genre’s, artists, links to music and everything else.

“Music tourism (visiting a city or town to see a gig or festival) is on the rise. But why stop at gigs and festivals? Why not visit the birthplace of your favourite genre and follow the actual journey various music genres have taken as one style developed into another. To make it easier to trace the threads of music history, we’ve created an interactive map detailing the evolution of western dance music over the last 100 years. The map shows the time and place where each of the music styles were born and which blend of genres influenced the next.” –

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