Sounds Like Art

Gijs Gieskes the creator of many crazy music and video devices such as my beloved HSS3i has some of his work on display at an exhibit in The Netherlands called Sounds Like Art.

“But in the exhibition SOUNDS LIKE ART are not sound artists in the spotlight, but the instruments they make. The result is an exhibition in which the unique interplay of form, materiality and technology of these new instruments can be heard, but also good to see. Participating artists are American Andy CAVATORTA specifically for Björk a set harps made to be played by gravity, hardware hacker Gijs Gieskes from existing special new electronic synthesizers and composing musician / artist Tom Verbruggen, better known as TokTek that ingenious sculptures makes that sound.” –

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Herr Zimmerman Show Report

I’m back from Rotterdam and my live show at the Herr Zimmerman party. It was as cool as I’d hope it would be. I had friends from Belgium meet me there, played some new songs and closed 2012 with just enough “party” that would make most people write their new years resolutions in capital letters. The promoters of the event Mario Martinez and Linda who also DJ as TanzMan and Fraulein Z have been doing the Herr Zimmerman events for some time and it really shows. They have built up what I think is the perfect crowd… slightly freaky, nerdy and love to dance. To view the full set of photos: click here

“Herr Zimmerman’ is the name of the alien Katze – Herr Zimmerman – who has come to Earth, to throw these amazing tanzparties! Experience amazing parties with a crazy mix of very nice people, that are there for only one thing: To create an amazing Party! The unique techno electro party nights, originally & frequently take place in Factory 010 in Rotterdam” – Herr Zimmerman

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photo credit: Arno de Voogd

Rotterdam this Weekend

I will be performing a live show (The Horrorist) this Saturday night in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The event called Herr Zimmerman is quite notorious. Each event is well somewhat S&M themed and from what I hear no one leaves, early or without accepting or inflicting some amount of pain. I have several new songs to perform and a nifty black patent leather 1987ish Michael Jackson jacket to wear. If you’re there please come and say hello!

“MISTER ONE NIGHT IN NEW YORK CITY – THE HORRORIST, ist coming to EUROPE! Saturday 29 december is the last Saturday & weekend of 2012! The perfect night for an incredible and crazy 2012 Closing Party in Rotterdam, Factory 010! Muzik: TanzMan, The Horrorist, Fraulein Z & More!” – Herr Zimmerman

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Ground Zero 2012 Show Report

Here’s some photos from my live performance (The Horrorist) at the Ground Zero Festival 2012. It took place in Bussloo, The Netherlands. It was a huge event with 5 stages and about 40 DJs and live acts. All the music was hard, hardcore, hardsomething techno. Like most people I can’t differentiate between the small music sub-genres but let’s just say it was an agressive night of music. Beyond the stages and many thousands of wasted youth there was large carnival rides, pyrotechnics and anything else you can imagine. I made some good new friends such as Mark Eg & Chrissi, Ms. Sprinkles and saw old ones such has Dano Leeflang, Lenny Dee, Delta 9, Dave Cik, Maxime Fight, Tymon, Laurent Ho, Manu Le Malin, Sacha Blank and Rene Schuster. I was on an “early rave” stage but of course I couldn’t resist playing a lot of new techno material. If you follow my Twitter or Instagram you will have seen the cool new Thermen Busslo hotel they put us up in. It was certainly a pleasant stay and I got a chance to see a bunch of old naked people at the spa. Time does funny things to a body. To see the full set of photos: click here.

“On behalf of the organizations UDC and Multi Groove, we want to thank everyone for visiting Ground Zero Festival 2012! It was a great success and we are pleased with the positive responses. We hope you all again next year for the party!” –

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Ground Zero – The Netherlands

This Saturday night I will be performing at a large techno festival in The Netherlands called Ground Zero. The event takes place in Bussloo which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Amsterdam. There are 6 stages and about 50 DJs or live acts. It’s all “hardcore techno” of some type. There’s going to a large number of people there. To get an idea of what this will be like take a look at some of the photos of my live at Ground Zero 2008: If you do make it out to see my show try and say hello!

“Ground Zero 2012 is now more than ever before going to be a festival for the real hard-dance junkies, with a massive underground line-up, representing known and unknown artists from Holland and way abroad like no other festival does! Deep in the dark and mysterious woods of Bussloo, with all of its legends, Ground Zero 2012 is going to be a unique festival that will squeeze the living hell out of the night, all the way until a breathtaking morning sun merges above the lake to announce a brand new day!” –

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Photos from Containerfest

I’m back from Rotterdam and as you can see from the photos I had a great time. I met Juan Atkins, re-connected with Mathis (Panacea) and screamed into the open air. Mathis was a bit late setting up his gear so I ended up performing one of my longest sets ever. As more an more time when on and Panacea wasn’t quite ready the only material I had left to play live was really songy slow stuff. To my amazement the crowd really loved it. It goes to show you sometimes you have no idea what’s going to work. The stage was built in sections and the section leading to the audience was about seven feet up. As I do in smaller club I really love going out and getting to the crowd. I had to jump up and down off the stage many times. My legs are totally black and blue. This happens so often I’m considering some sort of shin guard sports equipment the next time I perform. Be sure to look at the full set of photos (link) to see some of the art and mobile performance pieces that were on display. It’s fairly certain that Containerfest will now be a regular annual event. I am please to be noted in history as performing the first one. Toward the end of my set the sun went down and I have to say I felt pretty lucky to be standing up there.

“ContainerFest 0.1. On the 21st of July 2012 from 12:00h till 23:00h the first edition of ContainerFest…Schiehaven of Rotterdam. ContainerFest0.1 is a new, multidisciplinary festival with different styles of progressive electronic music styles, industrial designs, cool performance art, visuals and art and light installations. This year you will be spoiled with two big area’s filled with big (inter)national headliners.” –

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The Horrorist Live report from Dominator, Holland.

This weekend I played a large summer festival called Dominator about an hour and a half outside of Amsterdam in a area called Leidschendam. The event is put on by an organization named Art of Dance and they are one of a small group of companies that control the Dutch techno scene. There were a few stages ranging from 2-5,000 kids in front of them. It was a daytime festival and luckily it was all sun and there was a nice lake to sit by too. They put me in the Hilton at the airport and unfortunately we got stuck in traffic on the way to the gig so I arrived and had to rush to the stage and instantly start performing. It was only when I was plugging in my wires I realized I forgot my Macbook Pro’s power adapter in the USA! I had to run the live show + M-Audio Firewire 410 (Amazon link) off the internal battery. Luckily it worked 100% fine and I had a great time performing. I have a checklist that I go over several times before I fly so it’s strange I made such a basic mistake. At many of these large events like this one they only give live acts 30 minutes to play so I edited a lot of my songs down to the nifty neat parts. I played two new songs, jumped up on the turntables, ran down into the audience and made a costume change (took my coat off!). See you next summer!

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The Horrorist report from Defqon.1 and the Montagood Festival.

The Horrorist Live at Defqon.1 2009

I’m back in New York after I performed at two fun European summer festivals. Defqon.1 in a giant event (40,000 people) on the beach about an hour outside of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. It was a daytime festival and it was hot & humid as expected. Since the early 90’s I’ve played in Holland often so each one of these large events it’s a bit of a reunion. I had time to speak to french DJ Manu le Malin, UK producer Surgeon (Anthony Child) and Dutch hardcore producer Gizmo. Even without a soundcheck the show went off without a glitch. My equipment, especially my cases and bags did get throuoully sandy though. The show went from 3-4 in the afternoon so by the time I got back to the hotel it was time for a quick bite and then off to Spain.


The Spanish gig at the Montagood Festival was also quite large. The stage was built high above the audience which I don’t actually like. I really need to get close to people and make some eye contact. My set time was 5-6 in the morning so keep in mind I basically played in Amsterdam and 12 hours later without a real pit stop I’m setting up near Barcelona. Everything would have been perfect with the exception that it started to rain a bit about 10 minutes before my set began. The issue was this was an outdoor event and the only thing above me was open sky! As you know from a few posts ago I just had my Macbook Pro repaired so the last thing I wanted to do was give it a shower. The promoter jumped on stage and put a few garbage bag type tarps over my equipment. The show ended up great and I did a fair amount of jumping down about 20 feet to the crowd and back up again. I know it was about 20 feet high by the 2 foot bruises all over my legs from banging into the speakers I was climbing. The black and blue’s were well worth it because Spain is a country you want to spend time in and a good show will get you invited back.

On Tour

The only complaint I really have about the weekend was the trip back. In retrospect the situation is hilarious and it speaks volumes about Karma. Long story short, a Dutch group called Angerfist also performed in Spain and they were in my van to the airport. They decided to drink a bottle of vodka straight right before the trip started. Needless to say we had to make a few pit stops so they could puke. God has an ironic way of punishing me.

While I clean the sand and water damage off my stuff check out a few photos…

Using Google Trends to compare sequencers.

YouTube video:

Here’s an interesting “vlog” from a guy who calls himself Hydlide. He’s from The Netherlands (as you can tell by his accent) and is a Reason freak. What I find interesting is how he uses Google Trends to compare the popularity of sequencing apps. The good stuff starts around 2:19. I think he makes an error because if he compares Reason 4 to Ableton Live. Shouldn’t he compare Reason 4 to Ableton Live 7? I put that data into Google Trends and it reads quite differently than his assumptions.

I also think it’s a bit silly of him to knock Fruity Loops as just for noobs and therefore worthless. I’ll make music by clapping my hands and humming if I have to. Hydlide also says he hates all VSTs. Huh?

I know I am picking on Hydlide a bit so I have to say he has a great YouTube channel of Reason tutorials. If you use Reason definitely head on over. I am sure you can pickup some new techniques:

You can use use Google Trends to compare search popularity of other things too. Take a look at this comparison of Depeche Mode vs MGMT: click here

Interesting no?