The Horrorist Live Malta 2011 Report

I’m back from Malta and I had a superb time! For some reason the long travel didn’t phase me. I read a couple hundred pages of the Steve Jobs bio and watched some movies. Here’s my quick movie reviews… Contagion: I thought it would be better but still entertaining. A Better Life: Pretty good and makes you have a warm heart for Mexcian and S. American workers in the USA. Crazy, Stupid Love: Ryan Gosling is good inspiration for the gym and there’s a good enough romantic scene if your into that kind of thing (I am). Limitless: A strange pro-drug movie which is not all that great yet it’s stuck in my mind.

Now to the live show report. The club Tattingers was crowded and the stage area was very tight. You don’t need security in Malta with respect to violence however some crowd control would have been helpful. About half way through the set when I started to throw out some of the new stickers from the stage kids rushed up and knocked the table hard enough that my new Macbook Pro went flying down about 20 feet. The music went off and nicely the kids started chanting Horrorist over and over very loudly. When I am on stage I’m locked in the zone so once the computer was handed to me I just restarted and and the show went on. My Apple fanboyism is stronger than ever because there’s only a very small mark on the corner where it must have hit the floor. I do have an SSD in the thing which may have saved the night. In fact the chanting really pumped me up so much that the rest of the show was so energetic I was completely sweat wet when it was all over. If you make music you have to get out an play live there’s nothing in the world like it.

Pet Duo had a mountain of computers, Ableton Launchpad controllers, CDJs, etc… and held the club in a hard techno daze for hours. I always love performing in Malta and the promoter has promised me the next gig will be in the peak summer season and I get to take his water scooter out for a ride!

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The Horrorist Live Smack! Show Report

I finally was able to gather together some photos from my live show on Saturday night. As you can see it was a bloodfest. The Smack! Halloween Fetish Ball is an annual event. Even though NYC experienced a freak snow and ice storm people came out. I met and watched the Orlando band The Ludovico Technique (a name from the movie a Clockwork Orange) from Orlando, Florida perform. They had a mountain of gear with them including an SKB rack just for vocals. I saw an old Boss SE50 and TC Electronic Voiceworks in there. Of course they also had a grinder (tool). There was also semi live sex show “sexorsism” and some good goth/ebm DJs some from the old days and some new. Thank you to Xris and crew for producing the darkness.

“SMack! is New York City’s Premier Multimedia Fetish Play Party. NYC’s Longest running Fetish Event, we’ve been setting the trends since 1996, and after 15 years worth of events, we’re still pushing the envelope with new Performers / Models / Fashion Shows, cutting edge music / DJ’s, VJ’s / video artists/projections, play equiptment / machines, Dungeon Play Space/Dominatrix Hosts…”

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