Sonic Wire Sculptor

Zach Gage the creator of synthPond and Unify emailed me this morning to let me know about his new project Sonic Wire Sculptor. Basically you draw in 3D and then the app turns your sketch into a musical sequence. The video above shows you in a clearer way than I can describe it. You can see the original hardware box this App is designed from here:

“Sonic Wire Sculptor is based on a musical instrument by Amit Pitaru which has been shown in museums and galleries world wide. The Sonic Wire Sculptor turns your 3D drawing into sound. It introduces a simple yet deep connection between visual and audio composition.” –

I love synthPond. What do you think of this new toy?

For more info:

Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer

With the release of the iPad immenent it’s clear a MIDI interface for the pad or iPhone could be put to good use. I’ve been enjoying the lack of MIDI and the simple sound mangling apps such as Bebot, Curtis, TOPLAPapp and sampleToy. However, some Apps such as synthPond scream, “I want to be hooked up to to a DAW in sync and use me with external sounds”.

“MIDI Mobilizer is the only MIDI interface for Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Play, record, and backup MIDI information from any MIDI device, any time, any place.” –

We may not need a new MIDI standard but how about a new tiny MIDI plug?

For more info:

External Sounds in Synthpond

I am hoping future versions of my favorite iPhone app Synthpond will let me use my own samples. You can do so today by incorporating some intense geekery via PD (Pure Data) or Max. If you’re interested in learning about PD check out a great article by Jim Alkin over at O’Reilly Digital Media called “Make Your Own Music Software with Pure Data”: click here. There is also a good Wikipedia page for PD: click here.

“I’m using the synthpond PD patch to controle the FPC in FL studio. The sound generator nodes don’t have samples mapped (except for the hi-hats). Only the reactor nodes are mapped to a sample. that way it’s a bit easier to “sync” everything.” – isnie zot

Download Synthpond for iPhone (iTunes link): click here

ps. Zach Gage the developer also has created what I consider the best take on Tetris for the iPhone. It’s called Unify (iTunes link): click here

Six synthPond compositions.

Six synthPond compositions from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

My favorite music application for the iPhone is called synthPond. Above is a video of six compositions I created using synthPond. Using “effector nodes” and “reactor nodes” that can orbit around each other while changing pitch you can create some wonderful sequences.  A big thanks to Zach Gage for creating such a  terrific app! I can’t wait for future versions of synthPond.

Get synthPond: iTunes

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Ready to fly. Happy Holidays!

So another year has gone by and it’s Christmas and New Years. Did 2008 live up to your expectations? Are you ready for 2009? This holiday season I have to “work”. I’m playing an event on Christmas day in Hamburg and I do the countdown and first hour of 2009 at a huge event near Brussels on New Years Eve. The best thing about holiday gigs is I can ask double my normal fee. The worst part is I’m traveling alone for days and away from family when it’s the most important time to be together. I can understand throwing a big NYE event but who’s going to come to a techno party on Xmas day? I guess I’m about to find out! In case your interested here’s the links where you can see the full info for the events:

I have my iPhone loaded with some movies including: The Black Hole, Transsiberian, Inside Man and Purple Violets. I just looked at what iTunes had for rent that also had a high Rotten Tomatoes rating. I also have some music apps loaded: synthPond, Beatmaker, iDrum and Bloom. I bought this little plastic thing called an iBend which props up the iPhone so I don’t have to hold it in my hand. Of course my Macbook Pro is armed with Ableton if I want to get serious.

What else? Hmm… Oh I bought some new retro Nike sneakers and I will surely be blogging during my trip. If I remember Ill do some interviews with some DJs using the Griffn iTalk. I’ll also test how well it does at recording music in a nightclub. If it doesn’t have a limiter I guess it will sound horrid.

See you from the road… don’t drink too much eggnog!

SynthPond Spatial Sequencer for the iPhone.

synthPond 2.0 Tutorial from zach on Vimeo.

synthpond trio 1 from organofqwerty on Vimeo.

Everyday I am discovering fun musical apps for the iPhone. Imagine taking an iPhone with this app back in time 20 years. I love the gentle sounds synthPond creates but for me to use it in my own style of song I would need to be able to add my own harder sounds.

“synthPond is a relaxing spatial sequencer and audio toy by conceptual new media artist Zach Gage. Unlike a normal sequencer where you place notes on a grid and a moving playhead plays them, in synthPond you place nodes in a field (pond). There are two major types of nodes. Circular nodes release waves at certain intervals. Hard-edged nodes release waves when waves hit them.” –

There is a free and pay version of synthPond available: iTunes