The fully analog elkorus BBD chorus.


The hardware unit you see above is a synth pad beautifier. It’s a fully analog string ensemble effect unit using a “bucket-brigade device” chorus. I’m in love with the BBD in my Vermona DRM1 MKIII so anytime I see hardware with BBD on it I look closer. If you want to see the synth that inspired this sound and many a New Wave acts check out the Arp Solina String Ensemble. The video below gets you an idea of the sound but take a listen to some high quality samples over at Matrixsynth: click here

With some proper mixing and finesse you can get software plug-ins to sound close but alas it’s not the same. I think it depends how key your lead synth pad with this effect is to your song. I want to note that I do really like GForce software’s VSM: click here

The elkorus is 390 Euro. For more info:

via Matrixsynth