Make an anthem for an event you play.

The Horrorist Live – Halle, Germany 2008 from thingstocome on Vimeo.

Often a promoter from an event I am booked to play will ask me to do an anthem. Sometimes they want to post the song on their website before of after the gig. Other times they are doing a CD for the event and want a song with the event’s name in it to kick it off.

A few weeks ago I played in East Germany at the Alte Lampenfabrik for an event called Ton Aus Strom. It was there 10 Year anniversary party. As part of the plan they recorded my set direct from the mixing console. I started my show with an anthem for them. I did some screaming, pitchshifting and beat shuffling. Some of the vocals… “Ton Aus Strom” “Take Over!” “East Germany!” “Deutschland!”

Ton Aus Strom Anthem by The Horrorist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Bandcamp and SoundCloud screencasts.

Bandcamp Screencast from Ethan Diamond on Vimeo.

Last week I mentioned to a friend that 1pixelout must have released a new audio player because I’ve been seeing huge versions of it around different sites. The 1pixelout audio player is the one you sometimes see on this site. Well it turns out these new players are coming from a new service called Bandcamp. Just watch the video above as it tells the story better than me typing it out. It’s clean, free, pretty and let’s you sell your music. I love it.

SoundCloud: The Tour from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

SoundCloud the Berlin based startup has enjoyed a great beta ramp up and launch. They have attracted a nice group of industry insiders and electronic musician to their site. The SoundCloud audio player which allows your to make comments along the waveform of your song is just plain awesome. However trouble may be brewing in die Hauptstadt (capital city) because they just released their pricing plan and it’s a doozy. They continue to offer a free service but the forums, tweets and blogs seem to think they are gouging.

You know what? I want a combination of these two services. Give me a way to sell my music in many formats. Give me a great audio player with comments along the timeline and a waveform view. I want a dropbox. I want widgets. It should be free with ads or $25 a year advert free. They can have a few percent of my music sales too. I’d like to be able embed all my music on my own site as a mini store and have complete control over the CSS.


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Electronic Music Berlin – A Wire to the Ear map.

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Berlin is the undisputed center of electronic music. A few times a month friends and blog readers come to visit. I’ve decided to make a Google Map with the locations of many of the great record stores, labels, synthesizer manufacturers, audio software companies and nightclubs you can check out upon arrival.

Ableton, Tresor, Hard Wax, Native Intruments, Schneider’s Buero, Neumann, MFB, Gigolo Records, Berghain, JoMoX, Sugar Bytes, BPitch Control, SoundCloud… what more do you want?

If you do come to visit don’t forget you will be in a gorgeous city full of historic places and green parks. Don’t spend all your time dancing. See it all!

Remember Google Maps is feature rich. You can get point to point directions, zoom way in, see satellite views and create your own map of places in Berlin you want to see (click a pin and select “save to my map”).

To view the map full screen and also see the complete list of great places: click here

More SoundCloud invites available.

Alex from SoundCloud noticed my recent post about their slick new music sharing site aimed at musicians. He read I was out of invites so he hit me up with another bunch to give out. So if you want one just click here:

(That link will stop working after the 50 new invites are used.)

To view the SoundCloud review: click here
Once your on SoundCloud feel free to friend me: thingstocome

See you in the cloud!

SoundCloud is a nice looking way to share music.

SoundCloud is a new start up from Berlin and I really like their product. It’s a uber Web 2.0 site which helps you send and receive music. It has some unique features up it’s sleeve including a social network aspect to it. To top it off it’s a very pretty and usable site.

Instead of using Rapidshare or Sendspace which are loaded with ugly adverts and time limits I would give SoundCloud a try. You can upload audio files in any size or format to SoundCloud. You can mark them as public or private. SoundCloud creates a waveform for your audio file. My favorite feature of SoundCloud is the ability of users to put markers anywhere long on the waveform and leave a notes. So for example if I want some feedback on my new song and I send it to a friend via SoundCloud and then he can place a marker at a certain point and leave the note “right here it gets weak” or “this section is perfect don’t change it”.

Another advantage to SoundCloud is you can add artwork and metadata to your songs. SoundClick takes the the metadata to the next level with input boxes for bpm, tags and a link to buy the release commercially. By the way if your selling your music you can set SoundCloud to only allow your files to be streamed not downloaded.

As I mentioned SoundCloud is also a social network. You can follow people, have friends, etc… Right now the site is still in beta but I have a few invites. If you would like one send me an email. (I just sent the last of the invites I had out. You can still get into the SoundCloud beta by requesting to join on their site.)

Update: I have more invites. If you would like one send me an email.

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