Great Facebook Bandpages with RootMusic and ArtistData

I’ve never set up a Facebook Fanpage for my own music (The Horrorist). When I originally joined Facebook it was reluctantly because MySpace was still a living community and it seemed redundant. To top it off the music features in Facebook were seriously lacking. Two external services, one which ties into Soundcloud have changed my mind.

RootMusic helps you design a proper “Bandpage”. It pulls your music from SoundCloud and allows you to make something actually album cover like. In other words your not stuck in tiny font slash baby blue Facebook land. RootMusic also easily pulls in Vimeo, Youtube videos, photos from your Fanpage, and your Twitter and RSS feeds.

Lastly, it has integration with ArtistData. ArtistData takes your show dates and puts them all over your social media sites (Facebook, MySpace, Eventfull…) so you don’t have to do the repetitive task yourself.

For a much more detailed review of RootMusic check out this write up on TechCrunch titled, “Musicians – This Is How You Create A Great Looking Facebook Page”: click here

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Vince Clarke Rarities

Latest tracks by Vince Clarke Rarities

If your into electronic music this should interest you. Note: The songs are available to download so maybe you should.

“Lots of obscure Vince Clarke tracks in the Vince Clark Rarities Soundcloud account, including rare tracks from Depeche Mode, Yaz/Yazoo & Erasure. Not sure if this is official or not – so Vince Clarke fans may want to check this out sooner. rather than later.” – Synthtopia

photo credit: nudevinyl

via Syntopia and Failed Muso

How to set up a SoundCloud remix contest

Why pay some smug superstar DJ 5k to remix your track when you can crowd source something better for free? SoundCloud posted a super detailed explaination on how to do it using their pretty service. Sometimes I post things on Wire to the Ear solely so I can remember, find and use the info later… this is one of those posts.

“Your remix group will be where people submit their finished remixes. It’s quick, free and easy to create a group: add a logo, background info and let people know if you want the submissions to be downloadable or not.” –

To check out the full instructions click here: 5+1 Easy Steps To Set Up Your Remix Competition With SoundCloud

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Wire to the Ear’s Winter Namm 2010 picks

The NAMM Show acronym stands for “National Association of Music Merchants”. The event takes place twice a year. There is a summer event in Austin, Texas but the bigger of the two happening this week in Anaheim, California. There are many websites covering NAMM down to the very last detail. I’d like to only list here what I personally think are the most interesting new products. So without further ado here is Wire to the Ear’s Winter NAMM 2010 hot picks:

Soundcloud Integration With Audio Software. I’m a full on web junkie and I like my stuff in the cloud. I think redundant servers spread out around the world are far better places to store my precious files than my own home and Lacie hard discs. I also love to share. That’s the point of being a musician no? Soon you will be able to render and send a file from Ableton direct to SoundCloud. My music from me to you faster than ever. I like it! link

Mungo Enterprises State Zero. A giant hardware interface full of knobs. 8 voice polyphony. Anything to anything patching. Patches store in memory. If this is real analog and less than a price of a car I’m sold. If it’s digital or crazy expensive I’ll play with the one you buy. link

Jomox M.Brane 1_1. Wicked snappy sharp analog snares and percussion. I have the Jomox Mbase 01 kick module and it’s wonderful so as soon as the M.Brain is available it’s mine. I’ll trade gigabytes of snare samples for one real analog snap. link

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard.
(photo credit: Synthesizers) The spiritual descendant of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One has arrived. The Pro-One was the main keyboard used by Vince Clarke on the amazing Yaz albums so you know the Mopho’s got mojo! Why waste desktop space with a empty Oxygen 8 or like controller when you can slap one of these new Mopho’s in its place? Thanks to internet nagging the price will be right on this new guy too. link

Akai iPK25. A real hardware piano keyboard for the iPhone. If other Apps can access the keys then this is nice. If not it’s a full on dud. link

Teenage Engineering OP-1. Here’s a product that looks like special care has been baked into it’s DNA. A small super stylish hardware TAPE sampler with a FM receiver, G-Force Sensor (Wii), OLED display, speaker and USB connectivity. TAPE mode is awesome. The graphics on the display are awesome. If you’re a musician with a sole you have to want one. If you want to show up your hipster friends with microKorgs this is the guy to do it with. The bad? It’s still away off and who know’s what the price will be. link

So how are you going to spend your money in 2010? Do any of these or other NAMM new releases tempt you?

Frosty the Synthman


We set up our pink X-mas tree today. For some photos: click here When I was a little kid there was a store in Rockland County called CostCutters my mother used to take me to to buy me school supplies. Before the store closed down last year I bought the Frosty Ornament you see above. If you want a way to get into the spirit why not try the SoundCloud Christmas song contest? You can win a Premium account. They have a thing against the band Wham too. Read all about it: click here

“The SoundCloud staff will then listen to every submitted track and select one winner who will receive a yearly Premium account and see the track featured with an own blog post, tweet, Facebook, Tumblr… just in time for Christmas. The winning track will be the one that knocks our red socks off.” –

Frotsy the Synthman was a jolly happy soul, with a glass body and a Yamaha CS5… lalala…

SoundCloud gets a killer update

SoundCloud iPhone App from Oliver Chesler on Vimeo.

SoundCloud has become the best place for musicians to store and share music online. The Berliners have continutally upgraded their site’s services listening to it’s customers. Beyond the new features the site is managing to scale well and it looks very pretty. Here are some of the new tools in the latest release “Taylor”.

SoundCloud already had the best embeddable audio player with a great waveform display and comments along it’s timeline. Now there are two new player widgets called “Artwork” and “Mini player”. Here they are:

Artwork Player (Roll/click your mouse over for effect):

Mini Player (Click Play to expose mini waveform):

Sharing is much better now too as they follow Flickr a bit here allowing users to grab a Secret Link to send out. Stats is greatly improved (where there even Stats before?). Just take a look at these Stats from the past seven days:


Here we go with a big one: an official SoundCloud iPhone app! Take a look Ma no flash (Video above).

Finally there is a new pricing structure that could make more sense for the unemployed and skeptical. For more info: click here

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6 Train Uptown New York City

6 Train - New York City

6 Train NYC by thingstocome

A recording I made on the 6 Train going uptown in New York City. As you can hear the train sits there more than a minute before it heads from 23rd Street onward. I used an iPhone 3G and the FiRe application which uploads directly to SoundCloud.

Check out my growing set of Field Recordings: click here is the Music of Cities uses the SoundCloud and Flickr APIs to bring you music and images sorted by different world cities. The site was created by Henrik Berggren and David Kjelkerud during Music Hack Day in London. I’ve been listening during my morning coffee/web troll routine to Nashville.

“The tracks and city information is fetched from the SoundCloud API–in fact the list of cities and tracks is even updated in real time as new tracks roll into SoundCloud. Additionally, pictures for each city are fetched from Flickr.” –

Check it out for yourself and let me know which city your think is producing the best tunes:

For more info:

SoundCloud adds a new feature: Groups

SoundCloud Groups

SoundCloud keeps adding on nice features to it’s pretty music sharing site. I was reading they now have a large paying user base and have received a few rounds of funding. I’m about ready to buy myself a Pro account. This weeks new feature that caught my eye is Groups. Anyone can create a Group around a subject. Here’s a few I joined:

Ableton Live Users – A group for users of Ableton Live.
Dj Mixes – Be sure to check out/comment on other mixes and upload your own. Keep it to 2-3 max please.
Field Recordings – Add your favorite field recordings.
Vocoder love – Group for artists who use vocoders.
Belgian New Beat – For anyone making music in this style or influenced by it.
Samplecloud – Put on the needles, plug in the cables, switch on the microphones and give us some food!
monome – small is beautiful
Samples – For sharing samples under the creative commons license. Samples and fragments only please!

I’d like to see an iPhone App for SoundCloud. You can already record audio on your iPhone and send it directly to SoundCloud using FiRe. I’d like to see how your using SoundCloud outside of the site itself. If you are posting your tracks into your own website or other social network send me a link to check it out.

“Groups are an entirely new feature on SoundCloud. They can be started by anybody and are a great way to bring people together around a specific theme or project. Want to start a remix contest? Make a group for it and let people send their remixes to that group. You’ll get a DropBox badge for the group that you can put on any page. And you’ll get a great player widget that will show all tracks that have been posted to the group. Groups can also be moderated to give you full control over its contents if required.” –

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Soundcloud’s New Player Widget is very nice.

SoundCloud Player Widget

SoundCloud has added volume control, a new info panel showing track stats, a download and buy panel, a share panel with support for direct sharing to your favorite social network, a handy switch to toggle comments on/off for faster navigation and threaded comments to it’s already sleek Player Widget.

To be honest I wish I didn’t love SoundCloud so much because I hate the idea of paying more than $50 a year on a web service. I also fear that if I upload 1000s of songs over the next five years and then SoundCloud goes out of business I’d feel majorly screwed. Imagine I use the above Player Widget in all my blog posts and then SoundCloud disappears. I know this is an issue with all cloud computing but I feel a bit more confident Google (and even Yahoo/Flickr) will be here in the long term or if they do cancel a service there will be good migration options. Now all that said, SoundCloud as a site is fantastic. In fact, it’s pretty much everything I want in a music storage and share online service. The guys in Berlin should really be congratulated for doing such a beautiful job.

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