Costco Sheds as sound isolation rooms?

Costco Shed

Right before I went to sleep last night I was in bed reading the Tape-op forum on my iPhone. There was an interesting discussion about using Costco sheds as isolation rooms. It seems I am always building a new project studio and without a doubt the most difficult problem in the process is sound isolation and treatment. Truthfully, if you have a large budget there’s no real issue at all (Isn’t that always the case?). The best way to do the job right is build a room in a room, fill it with bass traps, absorption and diffusion. If you do it correctly and also want it to look pretty your talking about a $30,000+ job.

Whisper Room

Considering a Whisper Room or Vocal Booth brand room will run you $8,000 or more for any decent size could a Costco Shed for $2,000 be a real alternative? My own opinion is probably no. By the time you add the additional sound proofing you would need to bring it on par with something like a Whisper Room or proper built room in a room I think your price will be high enough it won’t be worth it. To top it off it’s going to certainly be ugly and in many cases it will smell like rubber, plastic and resin.

So what do you think? Is there a certain Costco or BJs or Home Depot pre-fabricated shed that could do the trick?

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