Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer Video Review

$99 brings MIDI to the iPhone/iPad. Another sharp video from Nick at Sonic State. This isn’t for me right now now but maybe there will be a killer App to take advantage of the MIDI Mobilizer. On some level Apps like Funkbox would be great to sync up to Ableton but on the other hand it’s so easy to import the loops as plain audio and make them fit… Who knows maybe we will be playing our live shows off phones.

“As it comes, the MIDI Mobilizer is probably best suited to backing up patches in your MIDI gear – the perfect companion for the touring tech. True, MIDI sequence playback is also possible and may work fine for many situations, but the lack of sophistication in the included App may be a problem. I’m sure that real soon, we’ll see some more Apps that take advantage of the hardware.” –

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