Singing Fingers

Singing Fingers is yet another reason the iPad is a must have for musicians. How can you not like this? The iPhone version is available now and looks ok on the iPad: click here (App store link). A made for iPad version is on the way. If you still ready to complain keep in mind this App is free. It was created at the MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten.

“Singing Fingers Lets You Finger Paint with Sound. Make a sound while moving your finger to record a sound-drawing. Touch the drawing you just made to play the sound back: forward, backward, sideways, or any way. That’s it! Singing Fingers lets you see music, hear colors, and re-see everyday sounds for the beautiful playground that they are. Singing Fingers lowers the floor to let beginners play with sound as if it was finger paint, and raises the roof by letting advanced DJs break out of the grooves of the records into a world where sounds take any shape you give them.” –

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