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If someone is absolutely determined to steal everything in your recording studio chances are they can find a way. However most robberies are less planned and opportunistic. The quick tip of the day is to use Torx style security screws. Basically you replace your rack screws with these so most standard screwdrivers wont work. In most cases your rack itself will be too heavy and wired up steal quickly and the gear will be difficult to remove from it. The set above is available from most pro-audio dealers. So what’s to stop special music studio (or computer server) theives armed with Torx screwdrivers? You can have 100% unique custom screws and bits ordered Better safe than sorry.

“Tamperproof Screw Co. manufactures quality-made security screws that are tamper-resistant and virtually impossible to remove without the proper tools. Tamperproof has many types of security screws to choose from, along with spanners, fasteners, nuts, bolts, and more. Our security screws are tamperproof and are also the toughest and most durable fasteners you can find.” –

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Hard drive stolen right out of computer during set.

I was just checking out this post on the Brooklyn Vegan blog about a gig Matthew Dear had last week. Apparently he was playing at Galapagos, a club/art space in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) and someone pulled the cable out connecting his external hard disc and ran with the drive. Of course his set crashed and the gig was over.

Matthew, who was celebrating his birthday yesterday, had been playing a killer set for 2 hours or so. Suddenly he got a message on his computer saying that his hard disk drive was unplugged… The music stopped, he checked and found out that the drive was actually missing… basically someone STOLE his hard drive in the middle of his set and ruined the all show!!! –

There is also a long thread over at the Ableton Live forum about it. You can find lots of colorful comments including the expected “he was spinning MP3’s he deserved it”. A more useful comment I found from Ableton forum from member “hambone1” was that he should have had a Kensington Lock. Agreed! Check out the thread: here

I have all my music equipment insured even when it’s on the road. I also state in my booking contract that the organization is responsible for security and any losses I incur. I usually ask whomever I put on the guestlist to keep a watch out for me (yes I am paranoid). My old music studio was just a few minutes from Galapagos. Williamsburg is an increasing great place but as the rents rise people of lesser means are pushed out. I always though this caused a clash especially when you throw drinking, drug dealing and nightlife into the mix.

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Secure your recording studio from thieves.

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I’m currently living in Berlin, Germany. It’s a non violent place to live and I always feel safe. However, theft and petty crime is rampant. A few months ago our storage space in the cellar was robbed. Last year my wife’s bicycle was stolen from our courtyard. What about recording studios here in Berlin? Unfortunately, I hear about a new robbery every few weeks. In the Prenzlauer Berg studio building complex I am in Jazzanova and Tobi Neuman’s studios were hit. Just last week Richie Hawtin’s custom Xone DJ Mixer was stolen when the Minus office was broken into. In Kreuzberg mySecurity Stencil - photo friend Rob Wolf recently opened a project studio in a newly renovated building and already there were two robberies reported.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a Berlin specific problem. In 1996 my studio was robbed in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. They stole almost everything including my underwear! The only things they didn’t take were my DAT tapes and my Electrocomp-101. Those were the two most valuable things I owned so I consider myself lucky. In the end it worked out for me because it forced me to move into Manhattan were I was much happier.

So what can you do? Nothing can stop thieves if they really want to get in but you can do a lot to deter them. Here are some ideas.

Secure your door. Make sure your door is metal or have an aluminum plate added to weak wood doors. Have at least two strong locks with key hole tampering shields. Have a deadbolt going into vertically into the floor 3-4 inches. Have a peep hole put into Continue reading Secure your recording studio from thieves.