Trust your ears even if it disappoints you!

Last week I stopped by my neighbor’s studio. He records voice overs for Jamster. If you live in Europe you know the company because they are the ones who torture you with ring tone commercials like the dancing annoying frog. I noticed he had a SE Reflexion Filter sitting on his couch. I asked him what he was doing with it and if he liked it. He said he did use it for a while but he just built an all new vocal booth and it was overkill. He told me he was selling it and I could take it and try it out.

Although my studio is well treated it’s still not perfect and I always was very interested in the SE Filter gizmo. It sure looks cool. I took it into my room and tried to hook it up. I say tried because the thing is very heavy and even my strong mic stand wasn’t good enough. Eventually I rigged it up to work and got to testing it out. I recorded a bunch of audio files with and without the filter. So what happened? Nothing. What do I mean?

There was absolutely no difference between the audio files using the filter and without it. I have read on many forums that this thing works. However, now I suspect that most of these people got this home and convinced themselves it was doing more than it was. I’m not saying for sure it can’t help you but this is not a slam dunk product. I clearly heard my room reflections and computer fan in pretty much the same way with or without the thing. I listened very carefully and set it up in many different positions.

I tested the Reflexion Filter extensively and found that it definitely reduced room reflections. I tried it with vocals, both sung and spoken, and it gave me a tighter, more focused sound. –

The thing was I had the money to buy it from him, it was new looking and I could had it for almost nothing. Before I tried it I had myself gear lusting for it. Even after I knew it was useless to me I had to sit down and snap myself out of buying it. After all the thing looks pretty nice with its chrome curves!

My point is trust your own ears. Even if everyone is telling you the sky is green if you see it blue call it blue!

A video of Erasure using the Reflexion Filter: click here