Doepfer A-157 Trigger Sequencer

I think my modular system really shines when it comes to drums. The Tiptop Audio 808 modules, hexinverter vcNOIZ and others matched with all sorts of triggers gets me a sharp analog sound matched with patterns I would never make by hand in Ableton. There’s going to be a few nice Gate Trigger Sequencers coming out and I really like the way the Doepfer A-157 looks. All those little lights and 8 lines of TR-Style push buttons are awesome. There will be an advanced controller module which will allow each line to have length, direction, pendulum, random, one shot and other goodies. Modulargrid has a price on it at around $520 USD.

“A-157 is a trigger sequencer subsystem that is used to generate up to eight trigger signals controlled by a 8×16 LED/button matrix (some customers call it “Miniature Schaltwerk” as it is based on the same matrix as the no longer available Schaltwerk).” –

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