SoundPrism 1.1

Every time I’m with a friend with small children I show the kids SoundPrism. They always react nicely to it. The latest update adds note names. This is a great addition making it easier to perform already known music. It’s also useful when bringing SoundPrism audio into a DAW to choosing what Scales to merge the audio with. They also added a record function and improved sounds. App store link: click here

“An intuitive and fun way to express myself. An incredibly easy way to compose great music. A tool to create emotions with. A musical landscape for me to explore.” –

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Must have for the flying musician: digital scale.

Digital Scale

This weekend I performed in Valencia and Madrid, Spain. To get there I had to use AirBerlin, Iberia Airlines and Easyjet. All the tickets were purchase separately. Airlines have strict weight restirctions. If you go over your weight allowence you have to leave the check-in line and go to the cashier and a pay per kilo charge. For example on Easyjet:

Every item of standard checked-baggage will incur a fee, irrespective of weight, as set out in this section. Up to the passenger allowance of 20kg, each passenger will pay a per bag allowance as follows:

Per bag, per flight (paid at the airport) up to 20kgs): 12.00 € per kilo.

And here is AirBerlin’s “deal”:

25 EUR in economy class for an item of baggage weighing more than 23 kg, but less than 32 kg
125 EUR for every additional item of baggage with a maximum weight of 32 kg
375 EUR for every item of baggage with a weight of more than 32 kg, as well as for bulky items (from 203 cm overall dimensions H+W+D)

Imagine these charges times three flights? I have in my contract that the promoter/club has to pay any extra baggage charge but thats not reality because how are you going to get them to pay after you traveled home? The best thing to do is buy a digital scale and make sure your under the 20kg per bag allowance. The one I own (photo above) is from Pelouze and I think it cost me around $80.

By the way the event in Madrid was a nice one with Sven Vath, Vitalic, Ascii Disco, Dave Clarke and many others. There is already a video clip online of my live show from someone’s mobile phone: click here And if yor interested in my thoughts on Easyjet head over to my other blog “The Berlin Image”: click here