Come on America do the right thing!

I wholehearted believe politics should stay the hell off tech blogs. Tech is nice because it gives us a break from the real world of doom and gloom. In tech everything is heading brightly to the future. As far as this blog Wire to the Ear is concerned we are all about music tech but it’s been hard for me to keep my mouth shut when it comes to this next U.S. election. Imagine writing a post everyday and not even saying anything?

I figure since the above video is in musical form it will be acceptable content here. To go along with the video I will break my usual silence when it comes to politics and tell you how I feel. It’s really simple: The thought of McCain/Palin in the White House makes me vomit in my mouth. I know I certainly can’t change anyone’s vote but if your an American (as I am) hear my plea: Do the right thing this time! Please!

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