Ambiance for iPhone is the Best Sample CD


We’ve all stolen a sample from a Hollywood DVD right? You know the obligatory Scarface sample or something stupid. We thought if the song gets big enough to be noticed then we could afford the legal fees. Eventually we woke up to the fact that those kind of samples are almost always dumb anyway. In the late 90s we bought and trolled sample CDs full of drum loops, ambient sounds, etc…

The other day I downloaded an App for the iPhone called Ambiance (iTunes link). My wife has been driving me crazy blasting music while she works her fashion business in the other room. I wanted something nice in my headphones to calm me down a bit. What I discovered was for $0.99 I had access to 500 longish (or nicely looped) real world recordings. I know what you thinking. Who want’s wind chimes or dolphin sounds in their music? But guess what? This App is chock full of war/battlefield loops, machines, dogs fighting, etc…

Now two things come to mind. First, chances are these sounds are not license free to use in your own songs. They could be but I couldn’t find anything on the website that says so. Second, this is how I want my future “sample CDs”. Why on the iPhone? Well because I actually listen to the sounds. Who ever bought a sample CD with 10,000 sounds ever heard more than 100 sounds from it? The iPhone is in my hand and in my ears ready for any bored moment I have. Perfect time to find a nice background war sound for a new EBM track! So much for finding some peace and quiet.

“Block out distractions at work or at home. Choose sounds that enhance productivity such as White Noise and Binaural beats. It really works!” –

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