Pro-Audio Retailers on Twitter

Pro-Audio Retailer on Twitter

I hate spam but I still want a good deal from time to time. I’ve created a few secret Twitter accounts where I follow topics I don’t want polluting my main Twitter account’s stream. One secret account is full of stores and affiliate link sites trying to sell stuff. Two examples are Woot ( and Amazon MP3 Deals ( Today I realized the main U.S. music retailers all have Twitter accounts too. Sam Ash seems to be offering some interesting stuff via it’s Twitter site:

“Call 1-800-4SAMASH TODAY to receive a free set of Samson StudioDock 3i Studio Monitors with your purchase of over $299!!” – @samashdirect

I was hoping to find Analougehaven, NovaMusik, BigCityMusic or RobotSpeak but a quick search didn’t reveal any Twitter pages for them. If I am wrong let me know. Leave any other pro-audio shopping slash Twitter pages in the comments too please.

Goodbye Manny’s Music.

Manny's Music

I’ve been thinking of a pro-audio shop located in Times Square that recently announced it will be closing it’s doors. Part of being a New Yorker is saying goodbye to institutions you loved. Manny’s was born in Manhattan in 1935 by a saxophone salesmen named Manny Goldrich and it was filled with all the toys readers of this blog enjoy.

It was the first place in the NY area I found a Minimoog Voyager on display. I remember spending a few hours in the store twisting knobs and smashing keys on Bob’s creation. Not once did anyone tell me to take a hike or buy anything. In fact, every now and then an employee would walk over and tell me to turn it louder. Manny’s wood paneled walls were covered with signed photos from hundreds of rock stars who came in for a new string or chat.

The Ramones

I always thought it was strange Sam Ash was right next door and in 1999 Sam’s company bought Manny’s right out. Alas I am afraid this tale of 48th street won’t end here because the Rockafeller Center group are on a shopping spree and our entire music street is the target. With huge pressure from online, Guitar Center, the new Best Buy pro-audio stores and high NYC rents it’s not surprising Paul Ash noted he knew his store on 48th would disappear soon too.

Read more about the end of 48th street: Manny’s to Close in May; Entire Music Row of W. 48th Street Endangered and Turning down the sound on Times Square’s music row

photo credits: ArtBrom and whlteXbread