The RozzBox 5-Voice Synthesizer with Tube Filter.

Rozzbox Synthesizer

There’s a new synthesizer thats coming in May 2008 called the Rozzbox One V2. The thing thats got me personally impressed is the fact that it actually sounds different than 99% of what’s out there already. That says a lot in the over saturated synth (soft or hard) market.

It’s polyphonic with 5 voices, which is enough to make chords. It sells for under 10k because it’s using digital oscillators. But these sound sources are matched with digital, analog and oh yeah baby a tube filter! When you hear “tube” and “synthesizer” you probably remember the Metasonix Wretch. But to me the Rozzbox has put it’s tube to a better use because unlike the Wretch the Rozzbox can be easily musical. I like complete noise but I also my mayhem paired with some musical sensibility.

The oscillators have 16 waveforms to choose from. There is an FM engine, ring modulator, noise source, bit reducer, sample rate reducer, modulation matrix, digital hard cliping, “Hacker Mode” which introduces artificial aliasing, and a “Chaos Mode” for the digital filter. Oh man.

Rozzbox Synthesizer - Back

Need things moving? The Rozzbox has 2 LFOs, wave tracking, 2 ADSR envelopes, envelope follower and 4 sequencers each with there own settings. It’s hardware (yay) and so it has Midi, 5 individual outputs, an interesting blue graphic screen and 56 knobs and sliders!

Maybe you could compare it to a Dave Smith’s Poly Evolver Rack? The audio and video samples of the Rozzbox have me happy. Head over to the official Rozzbox website to hear some audio:

For videos check Big City Music which is selling the Rozzbox has some cool videos up: click here