Honda makes a musical groove road for the Civic.

Here’s a way to promote a new car: Create a road that forces your the tires play the William Tell Overture when driven over it. This is exactly what Honda did to promote the new Honda Civic. They called it the Civic Musical Road and it was laid down in Lancaster, California. Apparently for the song to play properly you had to drive 55 miles per hour and the grooves in the payment were cut specifically for Honda Civic tires.

“Half-inch-deep, 1-inch-wide grooves were notched into the road at specific intervals so that a vehicle traveling over them produces tones, said Ray Hunt, Lancaster’s capital engineering manager. –

Unfortunately, Honda miscalculated how remote the stretch of highway they chose was because residents started complaining that hearing the Bugs Bunny theme over and over was “driving” them insane. By the time you read this the road was paved over. That’s all folks!

For some photos and more info: click here

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