Miselu Neiro

Engadget has coverage of Google’s I/O conference. Did you know that Google is showcasing a “Net-enabled social music device with a musical keyboard and a wide multi-touch display, and a variety of musical apps and cloud services.” called the Miselu Neiro? Retronyms, Korg and Yamaha are showing off software on the device. Check out the Polysix, a touch screen Theremin and more in the video above. It’s interesting but the iPad has such a huge lead in music apps this will have to be very inexpensive or get some exclusive content. I do like the idea!

“Yamaha is providing the upcoming “neiro” with the Yamaha AudioEngine (TM) Series Sound Chip NSX-1. This powerful synthesizer engine delivers a quality that almost matches the sound of real musical instruments. The DSP chip offers a larger variety of sound effects such as reverb, chorus and EQs that create a rich sound experience.” – miselu.com

For more info: miselu.com

Retronyms Tabletop

Retronyms are the makers of Re-Birth for iOS, Dopplerpad, FourTrack and other iOS music apps. Today they have released Tabletop. It’s a full on studio designed for the iPad. It comes with the RS3, Polyphonic Keyboard Gridlok, Touchpad Sampler M8RX, Tone Matrix Filtr LP, Low-Pass Filter Effect SpinBack, Turntable Player Mr. O, Master Output Goblin MX8, Eight-Channel Mixer T101-Triggerator, Sequencer / Master Controller Recorder M2 and an Input Recorder. Through in app purchases you can get the Ekko, Delay Effect Filtr BP, Band-Pass Filter Effect Verve, Reverb Effect Xpand, Chorus/Flanger Effect Goblin MX4-FX, Four-Channel Mixer with Sends XFade abd Crossfading Mixer.

So far I’ve really only liked single purpose iOS music apps that have basic large interfaces. Tabletop certainly is of the other cloth but you bet I’m going to try it out. I don’t think the App store rules allow for plug-ins but wouldn’t it be great if other manufacturers could sell additional in app effects for Tabletop such as we similarly do with VST/AUs on our desktops? Let me know if you try Tabletop out. I’m curious on everyone’s thoughts. $4.99 intro price.

“The heart of Tabletop is a modular environment where you can mix and match different devices. Select from more than a dozen devices including samplers, mixers, effects, sequencers and more. Buy only the gear you need from an expanding catalog.Tabletop is the first musical environment designed from the ground up exclusively for the iPad. Each device has its own uses, characteristics, personality—ranging from classics like drum pad samplers to touchscreen effects.” – retronyms.com

For more info: retronyms.com

Me and my rhythm box

I know just another iPad synth demo. But this one is uber Liquid Skyesque therefore it gets a post. Every Wednesday in the middle of hardcore Left Brain thinking it’s good to get a shot of the weird. There’s no reason to be all spreadsheet for five days!

“Left Brain… Logical, Sequential. Right Brain… Random, Synthesizing” – funderstanding.com

For more info: retronyms.com/synth

DopplerPad for iPhone is great fun.

The Doppler Effect
from Retronyms on Vimeo.

I’ve been obsessed with a new iPhone app called DopplerPad (iTunes link). I will let the videos show you what it can do. The killer feature for me is that it allows you to sample something then you click and record sequence playback points along the sampled waveform. Joy!

“Quickly create and perform musical hooks, phrases and loops with a variety of custom synth and sample-based instruments. Make samples on the fly and weave them into compositions.” – www.retronyms.com

Must see TV if you want to get good with DopplerPad…

For more info: www.retronyms.com