Qwikn keyboard shortcut tool for Pro Tools.


Every now and then I have to jump into Pro Tools. Usually it’s when I’m asked to remix a rock band or doing a music for a commercial. Qwikn is a tool that’s going to help me for sure. It’s a floating window that helps you remember keyboard shortcuts. You can also reverse look-up a shortcut say for example you forget what command-z will do. You can also store keyboard shortcuts as “Qwikie’s”.

“You no longer have to leave your DAW and open a PDF or web browser to search for a keyboard shortcut — you know, the one you should be using but were too lazy to find and remember! Qwikn does this all for you, allowing you to remain focused on more important things — like making music.” – qwikn.com

I’m a strong believer that knowing keyboard shortcuts equates to real studio power. As I say often, the quicker you get from inspiration to final arrangement the better.

For more info: www.qwikn.com