How to Pirate a Vinyl Record

I used to have Europadisk in Manhattan make me one off acetate records to test and play out with. I used to love hanging out in the mastering and manufacturing room there. There’s a interesting bunch of photos and an article on how to pirate a vinyl record over at Mike Senese’s blog. If you’re like me and have 5000 records this could be interesting to you. For the full read: click here

“Using the wooden strips, make a box around the glass plate. Seal off the edges using the window cement. Make sure everything is air tight. Place your record inside the box making sure that the portion to be copied is facing upward. Squeeze in some window cement to mark where the hole in the record is. Mix the silicone (Smooth On OOMOO 30 or OOMOO 25) for about 3 minutes before pouring in to the mold….” –

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