Muso TNT

Here’s the scenario: You release a new album. On day one pirated/illegal download links rank higher than any other result when people search for your music. Muso TNT is a product which I assume helps you get rid of the offending links. I have some questions. Is this service worth $40 – $130 for the first month or two? It seems the main time you would want this service would be during the initial release period. The company is based in London. Do you think that makes any difference in it’s effectiveness in stopping illegal files in the USA or Russia? Do you think it’s a good idea to stop the illegal trade of your music? After all, illegal file trading of your music increases your fame and gigs no? Has anyone used this service? Are there known competitors to Muso TNT that are worth looking at? I know from my “Horrorist” Google alert everything I’ve released is constantly being shared. Some friends of mine spend quite a lot of time working to remove their music from file trading sites. I’ve never attempted to stop it myself. What do you think?

Muso TNT enables you to track and remove every infringing file for your artist or title across millions of sites daily. Muso TNT is an online interface for rights holders to gear your fans towards legal download sites. We empower you to remove ALL pirated files with absolute speed and complete accuracy. We give you the tools to enforce your rights 24/7 and make legal downloads the easy choice for fans. –

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Aquasky and Ohmforce shake hands.

Remember my post a few days ago “Busted red handed using cracked plug-ins.“? In the post I mention how the jungle and breaks group Aquasky got caught with a crack of Ohm Force’s super distortion plug-in Predatohm. Well this story has a happy ending. Ohm Force took the time to let me know that Aquasky apologized and purchased both Predatohm and OhmBoyz. It’s a good outcome and goes to show you that level heads usually win.