Fluid Piano

I took Piano lessons for about 5 years. Next to the human voice it’s the most expressive instrument I ever played. I wish I had one in my house. I would spend hours in the basement tossing around ideas which are now all long gone and lost. The Fluid Piano has been out for a few years. I think it’s interesting its creator thinks of his creation as a force against Western sound. I think it just sounds nice. I’d like to hear it along with some slide guitar.

“Mark Brown talks to Geoff Smith, whose reinvention of the piano allows players to alter the tuning of notes either before or during a performance.” – The Guardian

For more info: news.bbc.co.uk/world_news_today/859…

Chatroulette Piano Player


What’s one way to spend your musician skills? Improving on Chatroulette of course! Slightly funny and awesome.

“This of video of Merton doing piano improvisation with random strangers on Chatroulette wins for most hilarious Chatroulette video created so far.” – Laughing Squid

For more info: chatroulette.com

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Amazing Speaking Piano

Now just imagine learning to play this speech by hand! This is so cool a lot of people are calling it fake. What do you think?

“A “speaking piano” reciting the Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court at World Venice Forum 2009. Unfortunately it’s all in German, but what the piano says is all English, and it’s really neat to watch.” – TheMcphearson

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The Audi Bosendorfer Piano.

Audi Bosendorfer

My number one all time tip on how to improve your own music creation is to take piano lessons. I’m constantly amazed when I read Gearslutz forum threads like “Neve vs Vintech” or “Apogee vs RME”. I understand that quality of sound counts but melody far trumps its importance. I’d rather listen to a great song on an AM radio station in mono rather than a bad song in HD. I know I’ve said this before on this blog but it’s worth repeating over and over.

Now that we established you have to take piano lessons we can get back to gear lusting! I don’t recommend the Audi Bosendorfer Piano as a something you plop your kid down in fron of next to a teenage piano teacher. This Piano belongs to you and your very own fingers. If I owned this baby I certainly would not let anyone else touch it no matter how good they play! That’s right Stevie Wonder: hands off!

“Of course, the same general shape had to be retained for the sake of acoustics, but one look at Audi’s Bosendorfer tells you this is no ordinary grand, and chief designer Wolfgang Egger says the process will help his design team take a fresh look at automotive design as well. The Bosendorfer Audi Design Grand Piano will make its world debut at Audi’s 100th anniversary celebration at the Audi Forum in Ingolstadt on July 16, after which it will be available to the public for a princely €100,000 (about $140,000).” – http://www.autoblog.com/audi-designs-a-bosen…

For more info about this German wonder: www.audi-mediaservices.com/…

Can you guess what song I am covering?

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Gabriele Negro in my studio. He’s an Italian piano genius who also produces electronic music for fashion labels (ex. Dolce & Gabbana). Since he was a small child he has been able to play anything he hears instantly. His parents realized he was special when he started playing the television commercials he heard on his toy piano. He was soon shipped off to Berkley and today he’s one of the best in the world.

I’m finishing up my next album and I decided to cover a song I always loved. Gabri jotted down the main melody for me.

Can you guess the song?