PETA asks the Pet Shop Boys to change their name.


My wife won’t allow me to buy products by certain companies beacuse they test on animals. I love my pets and all creatures so I abide by her rules. Sometimes I wonder if the info she gets from Peta newsletters is correct though. If a company tested on animals in the 70’s are they still on the no list? I guess I could find out with some Google trolling. I know opinions on this kind of thing rank right below 9/11 conspiracys. Either way I think PETA’s official request to the Pet Shop Boys to change their name is completely retarded. In case you’re wondering my all time favorite Pet Shop Boys song is: I Want a Dog

The organization, the People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA), sent a letter to Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe acknowledging that its request, at first blush, might appear “bizarre.” But, by changing its name, the band could raise awareness at every tour stop of the “cramped, filthy conditions” that breeders keep animals in before selling them to pet stores, PETA said in its letter. – CNN

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photo credit: Maltesen