My most prized physical possession is an Electrocomp-101 synthesizer. It’s number 521 and my father brought it home to me from Fairleigh Dickinson University when they closed their music department. I was 16 years old and at the time I had no idea it was special. I watched it go up greatly in value and over the years learned how to use all it’s features like it’s ring modulator and 4th oscillator. Now that my father has been gone a while the synth is more important to me than it’s wood and knobs.

“In late February, 2012, former Pere Ubu synthesist Allen Ravenstine and current synthesist Robert Wheeler, two legendary figures of Cleveland’s punk rock scene met at Grant Avenue Studio to discuss and demonstrate the EML modular synthesizers that have been an integral part of the Pere Ubu sound for almost 40 years.” – booster744

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