Photos from Out of Line Music – Berlin Store.

Out of Line Music - Berlin Store

For superfans of music there is still no better medium than a good old fashion CD. You get the highest quality recording in a format that will last long beyond any hard drive. You also get artwork you can hold in your hand. And if your a real fan of an artist your going to need a poster for your wall, some rock pins to wear on your clothes, some stickers for your car and a high def video to play at your house parties. And if you want the maximum buying “rush” put on your going out clothes and head to a real record store. Humans were once hunter gatherer’s and hunting for new, unique, rare records is second nature to us. It feels good, much better than clicking buy now at

If you follow my music career you know I am on a label called Out of Line. They are one of the big EBM and Alternative/goth labels today. They run a good business, make money and promote their artists nicely. Some of the other artists on Out of Line include Blut Engel, And One, Hocio, and Combichrist. But did you know they also have a record store in Berlin? If your in Germany’s Hauptstadt head over and check it out:

Lychener Str. 18, 10437 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

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