Feedback Organ

Here we have a hand built Feedback Organ which uses feedback to create it’s sound. I use uncontrolled feedback in many of my songs. Take one of these and a Metasonix S-1000 Wretch Machine vacuum and gas-filled tube synth and you have very different kinda of synth band sound.

“Introduction to an instrument called “The Feedback Organ.” Built by J. S. Sanford, the instrument can be heard on Neptune’s recent record, “msg rcvd,” available from the record label, Northern Spy.” – Neptune

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Wersi Phantasmagoric Lucite Organ

A lucite and chrome organ. I can’t believe there are five of these. They should put one of these in the glass cube Apple store for the holiday season. It would also look good in a futuristic home situated on a cliff somewhere in California. Just dreaming out loud…

“Phantasmagoric Lucite Organ and Speakers. Words fail to describe the awesomeness of this piece! Made in 1970 by Wersi Electronics, it is one of only 5 ever made. Reportedly its cost in 1970 was over $100,000. The Delta Digital DX500 organ comes replete with all manuals, control panel templates, music stand, amplified speakers, lucite dollies, pedal board, adjustable bench and chromed keys. And it works beautifully!!!” –

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The Lowrey Prestige A5000 Organ.

Lowrey Prestige A5000

I remember going to my aunt and uncles house on Long Island, NY as a child. Besides playing with Matchbox cars on their carpeted steps I loved going into the basement and using the Organ. I have no idea what kind of Organ it was but thinking Lowrey Prestigeback it was surely all analog including the drums. I would freak out stomping on all the pedals and pushing the zillion buttons that all lit up when pressed. I remember playing a rotation of the The Imperial March (Star Wars), When the Saints Go Marching In and Happy Birthday.

One of the bits of NAMM news that caught my eye was the Lowrey A5000 Organ. Honestly I have no real clue about modern home Organs but just look at this thing! Tell me you wouldn’t want to go nuts pushing all these buttons.

“The cabinet of the Prestige is built from the finest materials with steam bent curves giving an elegant look to this new top of the range instrument. The layout has an natural curve allowing you to see the whole panel easily whilst playing. New button design means that the panel is very easy to read and is angled to make button operation easier. Combine this with a full colour touch LCD screen and you have what we believe is the easiest organ to use in the world.” –

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