ohGr – 101

A friend told me I had to hear Skinny Puppy’s ohGr’s last album unDeveloped (2011). After the incredible early SP early stuff I lost interest. What I mean is after a string of great stuff I kept buying their music and a zillion side projects but they were mostly eh a waste of money. As per the recent recommendation I just started to listen to the album and the song 101 is well good. It’s also worth noting he’s one artist worth following on Facebook posting some fun and interesting stuff. Call me suprised whenever an artist from the past wakes up again. The song 101 particularly has me because it “seems” highly autobiographical. Yeah I’m a year late on this but good music is good whenever. Add this to the small and definitely separate from European EBM cannon of Industrial Music.

“Every saying has its day. Every plaything goes away” – ohGr

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