Happy New Year from Wire to the Ear

I love writing to this blog. I love music tech. Google analytics tells me there are more readers than ever. The podcast test Peter Kirn and I tried out will turn into something real in 2011. What else in two zero one one? Music touch apps are going to become more awesome. WIth more DSP or purer analog designs we are in for treats. Pro-audio hardware and software is going to sound clearer, thicker and more interesting. The best thing is the cost to entry is lower than ever and the worlds “how to” is just a few clicks away for anyone. I will release a new album soon. I will continue on in my day job in the energy business. Every morning before I leave for work and write to you know I do it with care.

I will be in Stuttgart performing this weekend and I will spend and extra two days there with friends. Normal posting will resume Wednesday, January 5. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook for micro-updates from the road:

photo: Oliver Chesler