Neuton Medien Vertrieb announces insolvency.

I’ve had a Press & Distribution deal for my label Things to Come Records with Neuton Distribution since June 2002. Neuton has been a major force in vinyl manufacturing for electronic music. They out paced and out lasted many of it’s competitors. More likely than not if you purchased a new dance record in the past decade it had a small white “Distributed by Neuton” sticker on it somewhere.

According to Belgian online magazine Side-Line, Neuton will announce insolvency today. To be clear, I don’t know the exact details and what this really means. The word insolvency generally states they won’t be able to pay their bills. Is it a sign they are about to go out of business? My initial thinking is yes. The world is moving all digital and music is basically free. Vinyl is a niche product for collectors and audiophiles only.

“Neuton, one of the biggest (vinyl) music distributors, is about to announce its insolvency today. After the collapse of the UK distributor Amato and the Japanese distributor Cisco, the whole vinyl label scene and the distributors were under extreme pressure. Neuton worked with many top electronic labels, distributing music for diverse labels including Four Twenty, Tresor, Vakant, or Perlon and has worked in the past with labels like Bpitch control, Playhouse, Klang or M_nus.” –

If Neuton pulls through I will happily continue to produce records with them. If they follow the path of the DoDo bird I wish the very best to SIggi, Bo and all my friends there. Electronic music and great songs will always be produced.

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