I am pleased to announce a very special event! For the first time ever in NYC: Belgian band Vomito Negro will take the stage and perform live! The pioneers in EBM (Electronic Body Music) are preparing something incredible for you. Also for the first time ever in NYC the notorious early 80’s LA synthpunk band Nervous Gender will play live! Nervous Gender are one of the most unique genre busting acts out there. I (The Horrorist) will also be performing LIVE a very, VERY special show! This is more than just the seriously crazy live shows though. DJ Andi, Reade Truth and DJ Blackwidow (from Philadelphia) will turn the fantastic Cameo Gallery venue into one serious night in NYC. There will be a rare vinyl & collectables market and this event is FREE! Feel the heat!

“Who’s your master? Who’s your slave?” – Vomito Negro

For more info: facebook.com/events/640798396029276

Nervous Gender


Nervous Gender is a Synthpunk band from Los Angeles that kick offed their madness in 1979. I love these guys. Listen closely to the lyrics from the song Cardinal Newman (video above). Who can beat a chorus that screams, “Catholic school with prison bars! Catholic school with prison bars!”. All their recordings are fuzzy taped real analog synth detuned greatness. Go search the net for bits and pieces of what you can find and shoot them a few messages because they are still around.

“The group was confrontational and experimental, mystifying audiences of the day. Phranc’s androgynous appearance was the embodiment of the group’s name and added to their mystique, garnering them much press in zines such as Slash. Despite their somewhat high profile, the groups’ habit of provoking the audience, obscene material and harsh erotics guaranteed they would never gain commercial acceptance.” – Last.fm

For more info: www.myspace.com/nervousxgender