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MySpace is going to try again. It’s hard to believe they were once the defacto social network and that it was based mostly around music. The new site is very pretty but the chances they can get people back to the site is slim. That said I think everyone is sick of Facebook and Google+ seems off a bit. You can head over to the new site’s place holder and sign up to be one of the first to check it all out. The comeback kid?

“Although we’ll have to wait and see if the demoed functionality comes together into a coherent and enjoyable service, there’s no denying that the design shown in the preview looks absolutely gorgeous. This is especially surprising, considering how rough around the edges Myspace has always been.” –

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MySpace Redesign

Welcome to the new Myspace

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MySpace has launched an all new redesign. It’s supposed to be much cleaner and sport a panel design not too unlike the Flipboard app for the iPad. I always thought the exodus from the side was a shame. I doubt they can regain their relavance. More importantly can we trust them to stop plastering large advertisements all over profiles? Here’s two articles about the reboot: The My-Fill-In-the-Space Reset Is Here, As Struggling Social Network Morphs Into Entertainment Hub (All Things Digital) and News Corp. Reboots MySpace in Quest to Recapture Young Crowd (Bloomberg).

“If the site doesn’t turn around, New York-based News Corp. will likely sell the business within two years, analyst Bank said. MySpace is worth about $300 million, Alan Gould, an analyst with New York-based Evercore Partners Inc., said in an e-mail.” –

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10,000 MySpace friends and a surprise.

Last night I reached 10,000 friends on MySpace. I’ve never tried to hack the system or send a bot out to friend people. It’s true a large percent of those 10,000 maybe fake, spam or who knows but you can bet a whole bunch are real fans. First off I created a MySpace bulletin (blog post?) saying thanks and I really do mean it. Without an audience there is no artist or musician.

The surprise came when I logged in this morning and I got a message stating I could: Automatically Approve Friend Requests. So getting to 10,000 actually got me something cool. Who knew?!

I know a lot of people knock MySpace and there are plenty of competitors but I still use and love the site. There’s no better way to get an instant view of a band. MySpace is in talks with Amazon and the major labels creating a deal for a new MySpace Music store. They plan to launch in September and I think it could be big. Check out the article on TechCrunch: click here

Which music related social networks do you use?

I’m curious if you keep and maintain public profiles for your music on social networks other than MySpace. Imeem? Bebo, Fairlitzer? What about Pandora or The Hype Machine? Do you upload your full songs so services can stream them without compensation? Is it worth the promotion to you?

I bring it up because yesterday I got pretty frustrated using the new Once accepted as a label you get access to a part of the site called the Music Manager. You can upload and manage your tracks there. After I uploaded a new release I added in the album cover. The album art showed up in the Music Manager. However, it never show up in the general public area on I tried about 10 times, re-uploading the same album cover. Eventually I hit the help forums. Sure enough this is a known problem. How could image uploading be broken for more than two weeks? How could they not disable the uploader or put a note on the page so I didn’t waste forty minutes on this crap?

Another other thing I really don’t like about is that you don’t have any comment control on your own artist pages. People can log on and rail you and it’s there forever. They could at least implement a comment voting system so nasty comments get greyed out using Ajax or something.

What finally ended my session yesterday on was the events section. I wanted to add in a few upcoming live shows I have. I head to: because that’s where the shows for The Horrorist are listed. I search for a button that says “Add Event”. Nothing! Nada! After twenty minutes of searching I find the only place to add a new event is if I go to How frustrating.

Maintaining a your image and uploading fresh content on every site is impossible. Which sites deserve attention? I will always keep my own website on my own server but clearly the hearts, minds and ears are in lots of places. Do you simply cover the sites which have the most users? No matter how lame they are?

If you go to you can enter in the a few sites and see a comparison of how many users each site has over a time period (thanks Vergel for the tip). You maybe surprised that for example Imeem has so many users. MySpace still trumps them all by far though.

As more sites start to pay royalties for streaming and incorparate there own download stores the lines between iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and the social network sites will become blurred.

Is your head starting to hurt too?

MySpace Mobile for the iPhone.

My friend Rich who happens to work at Apple Cupertino (yes I have friends in high places!) wants me to get an iPhone. He knows to appeal to my vanity so he sent me the screenshot you see here of my MySpace page on the iPhone. Once you install the free app you can do pretty much most of the things you can on the real site including send and receive messages, browse friends, bands, share photos and post bulletins.

However, all is not well with this application. You see my dear friends there is no Flash on the iPhone hence you can’t play videos or MUSIC. You can look at this with the half full or half empty mentality… The app is free and you can accept new friends and messages which is great. Or… What? It can’t play music? Isn’ this supposed to be a mobile MySpace? I suspect we will see an update when the Flash, Silverlight, SproutCore war settles down.

Get MySpace Mobile: click here

MySpace 2.0 redesign and applications are here. has remained an important place for musicians. Sure there are thousands of places to discover new music but when I want to get a quick jist of what a band is like I head right to their MySpace page. The original MySpace design and platform has been around for a long time with barely any noticable changes. So what’s new?

If you ever used Facebook you understand the idea of Applications. These are small programs you can install into your own profile. They are designed by third party developers so there is a wide variety of apps available.

Games, photo slideshows, hooks into services like, polls, anything you can imagine adding to your profile is probably available. For the most part I find 95% of these apps useless but there are a few gems. For example Happy Flickr allows you to have your latest flickr photos displayed on your profile.

The site has also been redesigned and looks cleaner. Menus have been reorganized so you can get to your profile’s option easier.

There’s a spanking-new interface, heightened security, availability on mobile and instant-messaging services — and the ability to create categories of friends at work, school and family, among dozens of other new features.

“It cleans up the user experience,” says Dave McClure, a start-up adviser and angel investor in Silicon Valley. “It is a streamlined, easier-to-use version of MySpace.” –

MySpace said it had drastically overhauled the look and feel of its searches, which it said currently ranked third in total number of searches by any site.

It said it was working with Lucene Open-Source engine and community, marking the first time MySpace has contributed to the open-source community.

MySpace, with about 110 million users worldwide, claims to be the most trafficked website in the United States, adding that about 300,000 people sign up each day. –

Are there any MySpace applications you find useful? Is there one you want that does not exist yet?

Only $390 Billion to start a record label? Not enough!

So apparently some guy in Texas tried to cash a fake check for $360,000,000,000. When confronted he said it was a loan from his girlfriend’s mother to start a record label! Doesn’t he know he can use Tunecore and get a bunch of albums on iTunes for less than $100? He doesn’t need print advertising and billboards right? He can just post news of his releases on forums and MySpace right? Well the truth lies somewhere in between $100 and $390 Billion.

A man has been accused of attempting to pass a $360 billion check, which he claims was given to him by his girlfriend’s mother to start a record business, Fort Worth police said. Charles Ray Fuller, 21, of Crowley, was arrested on April 22 on an accusation of forgery, police said. Mr. Fuller was also accused of unlawful carrying of a weapon and possession of marijuana, Lt. Henderson said. Lt. Henderson said he did not know if Mr. Fuller and his girlfriend were still together. –

This story is funny on so many levels. Then again, this guy just pulled an awesome publicity stunt. Too bad they don’t have his MySpace URL in the news article because I would have checked it out! Maybe the real point of this post is 15 minutes of fame is not enough if you want to make it in the entertainment world.

Would you do anything illegal for fame?

MySpace is going to open its platform.

Myspace bathroom - photoEvery band or musician has a MySpace page right? It’s the internet’s trailor park but I’ve learned to love it’s charm. There is no quicker way to get a feel for a band online. About once a week I go into exploration mode and randomly jump around different MySpace pages and listen to what they have to offer. I’m always amazed at how much music is being created.

MySpace is about to change in a big way. Next month they are going to open up their API to developers.

An application programming interface (API) is a source code interface that an operating system or library provides to support requests for services to be made of it by computer programs.” –

This means that individual programmers and large corporations will all be creating thousands of mini programs and widgets that you will be able to add to your profile. This is similar to what Facebook has done but this is MySpace and MySpace is for musicians. Finally you will be able to add RSS feeds to and from MySpace pages. RSS is a great way Continue reading MySpace is going to open its platform.