Frank O’ The Mountain’s Ramapo Sessions

Today I found more obscure electronic music from the 80s I didn’t know about. Interestingly the artist “Frank O’ The Mountain” lived in Rockland County, NY where I grew up. He has a large amount of music on his website but what really has my interest are his two albums “The Ramapo College Sessions 1984-1985” and the “Casio Cassette Sesssions 1985-1987“. This is exactly the kind of music a hunt out and cherish. Something about the pure analog toys mixed to 4-tracks with vocals just has me, tape his and all!

“I took an electronic music class at Ramapo College in NJ. They had a Moog 12 modular synth, and two four track tape machines in a little room. This is where I started song writing and multi-track recording. I spent many hours there by myself experimenting with sound. All songs were monitored through headphones since the speakers were blown. Mastered to cassette tape, usually adding another live track and vocal during that stage. About 150 songs. 1984-1985.” –

One has to wonder if his name kept him from the big time. Besides his MySpace and website he also has a YouTube channel: click here. So my question is has anyone heard of him before? I like it… now where did I put my Stiff Stuff?

Visit Frank O’ The Mountain online:

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From down under: the Gayest Songs Of All Time.

Marc Almond

I found a hilarious list today from Australia. The gayest songs of all time. I’m not gay but I’m friends with plenty who live on the other side. When looking at my own music collection a good chunk of it was recorded by gay artists. No matter how homophobic you are there’s no way you can tell me Soft Cell’s version of Tainted Love isn’t incredible.

We received thousands of votes, and now that they have all been counted counted and triple-checked, we’re proud to finally reveal exactly what songs have made it into the final list of the Gayest Songs of All Time. –

The song I believe should be #1 is #23 on this list: Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”. Wow that song is gay! I never really even thought about it before but Jesus.

Gayest Songs Of All Time Are: click here

What do you think is the gayest song of all time?

photo credit: CharlesFred

An introduction to the wild world of music blogs.

Laptop with Stickers on it - photo

We all love blogs because they give us a quick fix of hot info. A little more than a blurb a little less than an article. A break from the sequencer and comping vocals. Yes we all take too many of these breaks but hey it’s fun and sometimes we actually learn something! Do you know about music blogs? MP3 blogs? Blog labels? Honestly I’ve just been turned on to these in a big way. This is where the hip cool people hang (I think?!). I’m not going to delve into copyright stuff here because it doesn’t take too much time viewing any of these blogs to realize you can steal the music off the sites easily. If you want to get into that discussion head over to my post titled “What if music should be free?“.

A great example of a hip music blog is Bright graphics, flyer’s for events where everyone is on cocaine and DJ mixes compressed so loudly your teeth hurt are the norm here. At first the lingo will make you wonder if it’s an English speaking website. Despite that, keep reading because these are music lovers sharing with you! I’ve discovered more new music here than searching by a long shot. I also now have a never ending supply of said DJ mixes for the gym.

Want something more indie? is the place. It’s basically the Austin, Texas, Seattle and any other cool rock town music scene in blog form. The writers here always Continue reading An introduction to the wild world of music blogs.