Denon’s $499 cable vs Brilliant Pebbles.

This week a few blogs have mentioned Denon’s ridiculously priced $499 Ethernet cable. In fact one of my favorite cartoon strips User Friendly did a take on the subject: click here to read it Don’t we all know by now not to pay large sums of money for cables?

Made from high purity copper wire and high performance connection parts, the AK-DL1 will bring out all the nuances in digital audio reproduction from any of our Denon DVD players with the Denon Link feature. –

This reminds me of the recent test at which pit a $60 Monster 1000 Cable vs a coat hanger. Guess which won?

The test was conducted. After 5 tests, none could determine which was the Monster 1000 cable or the coat hanger wire. Further, when music was played through the coat hanger wire, we were asked if what we heard sounded good to us. All agreed that what was heard sounded excellent, however, when A-B tests occured, it was impossible to determine which sounded best the majority of the time and which wire was in use. –

If you really want to improve your sound check out Machina Dynamica’s Brilliant Pebbles. These cost $129 but actually do make a real difference in your audio quality. You can see what they look like in the top photo of this post. Highly recommended.