We are moving wonderfully fast

I’m not posting this video to make fun of Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel on The Today Show. I’m thrilled to be reminded how fast we are moving technologically. The internet is the greatest invention in my life and probably one of the greatest things man will ever invent. Humans can instantly share everything with everyone. I am guessing in my lifetime an entire wall in my home could be a super realistic high definition 3D display showing any other room in the world who would like me to see them. It will be almost a transporter. Maybe musicians can play live to stadiums from there living rooms or garages? I was online almost a decade before this video above. I would log on at 300 baud to local BBS’s. I remember I used a service in Rockland County called Mnematics Videotext and the original CompuServe.

“hey’re not even saying “What is THE internet?”… they’re just saying “What is internet?” which is even funnier.” – Jessi

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Music Synthesizer for the TRS-80 Color Computer

My first computer was a TRS-80 CoCo. Short for Color Computer the CoCo had a Motorola 6508e microprocessor. The 6508e was in some ways the predecessor to the 68000 which found it’s way into the original Mac and Atari ST machines. I had my CoCo hooked up to a television and I wrote a few small programs using Basic. I remember I created my own address book that would randomly pick a friend to call. I still have some of the old cassettes to which my programs are saved. I can barely make out the handwriting on the tapes scribbled in my thirteen year old handwriting. I frequented a local TRS-80 user group run by a guy named Larry Bank who I believe today works at IBM. We would trade games like “Donkey King“.

Believe it or not I was going online way back then. There was a local BBS called Mnematics Videotext I use to log into. To be honest I can’t remember what I even was discussing or downloading. Whatever it was it could not have been all that thrilling because in the early 80s download speeds were at about 300 baud. A slow stream of text would jump out of multi-colored cursor across a bright green screen. I have fond memories of my TRS-80 with the exception of his chicklet style keyboard which was universally panned as being cheap. I think it’s pretty funny the new Mac Laptops have a similar keyboard but no one has made a reference to the old CoCo.

My flashback was all triggered by some photos uploaded today on flickr by rach_thegoat. Apparently her parents gave her some old CoCos. Included in the happy gift was a Cartridge for something called “Stereo Music Synthesizer”. I never owned that Cart and I sure am jealous! Her photos are set to “All Rights Reserved” so I won’t post them here but you can take a look at her score here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rach_thegoat/sets/72157610837576228/

photo credit: david_s_carter

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