AudioThing Milkshake

Being a Einstürzende Neubauten fan I’m addicted to sound libraries featuring everyday real objects. Milkshake for Kontakt is a cute addition and for $5 is about the cost of the real thing.

“Have you ever wondered how a milkshake would sound like, if you could sample it? Now you can, with the new AudioThing instrument MilkShake! MilkShake lets you mix three basic ingredients, shake them, filter them and serve them with a nice matrix of effects ready to use. Everything at your fingertips inside a custom performance view. Milk and Sugar samples were carefully recorded using classic kitchen supplies. The Juice samples were, instead, narrowly sampled from a juicy Waldorf microQ sound designed patch. MilkShake it’s perfect for pads, tuned synth-percussions, textures, evolving effects, noises, and so on.” –

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via rekkerd